Winters Fights for Student Safety and Infrastructure

Winters supported Measure No. 24-429 which asked voters in the Salem-Keizer Public School District to approve a $619.7 million general obligation bond that would be used to make facility repairs and upgrades, help with overcrowded classrooms, create academic expansion programs, and safety upgrades.


Winters urged voters to vote YES with her:

“Education is the only way we will be able to change the world. You can judge a lot about a community by the way they take care of and educate their children. Education has been a top priority in my work in the Oregon legislature. I strongly support the Salem-Keizer Public School District Bond, Measure 24-429. Children deserve a school environment that will allow them the space and the facilities to learn. Schools that are overcrowded do not provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. All of our children deserve access to science, music, and career and technical education classes. This bond would allow us to add additional classrooms to increase access to these kinds of classes. Our children deserve a school that is safe from catastrophe. Currently many schools are not physically designed with the top security in mind. School safety is everyone’s business. Our schools need to have a physical structure that will allow staff to respond appropriately to security issues and provide an environment that can focus on educating our children.

Mia Raquel